I’m Susan Alexander Yates.

Susan Alexander Yates

I’m mom to five children (including a set of twins) and grandmother to 21 (including a set of quadruplets!). My husband, John and I have been married 52 years.

My favorite time of the year is June when all my kids and grandkids are together for a week of “cousins and family camp” in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.

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Cousin Camp

“Do you long to be an influence with your grandchildren? Cousin Camp is full of ideas for both generations. Susan’s wisdom and experience are sure to guide you to develop intentional multigenerational relationships too.”

-Dennis and Barbara Rainey, cofounders of FamilyLife, parents to six and grandparents to twenty-four

Cousin Camp is an inspiring, practical book that outlines how grandparents can plan and host a camp.

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